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ACHE logo on the Green Man album ACHE logo on the Green Man album ACHE logo on the Green Man album

  ACHE in downtown Copenhagen, 1970   ACHE, 1975   ACHE at Bartof Station on November 30, 2019   ACHE, 1980   ACHE at Bartof Station on November 30, 2019  

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ACHE: De Homine Urbano   ACHE: Shadow of a Gipsy, single France   ACHE: Green Man   ACHE: Pictures from Cyclus 7   FINN OLAFSSON's SAVANNAH   ACHE: Blaa som altid   ACHE: De skaeve droemme   FINN OLAFSSON: Elements CD, 2019

August 12, 2020: ACHE's 'Shadow of a Gipsy" classical ballad single-hit 50th anniversary
ACHE's DE HOMINE and GREEN MAN albums released on SHM-CDs in Japan - Label: Belle Antique c/o Marquee/Avalon
ACHE's planned concerts in 2020 have all been cancelled because of Covid-19 but will be staged in 2021 instead
ACHE gendannet for koncerter i 2020-2021 med August Ussing som ny lead sanger klik i et bandfoto foroven for at læse mere ...
Nov. 30, 2019: Warm memorial concert for Gert Smedegaard - Reformed ACHE live on stage - Finn Olafsson's "Elements" re-released
R.I.P. - Legendary ACHE drummer Gert Smedegaard - October 13, 1951 to November 30, 2018
Gert Smedegaard's musician children Signe and Jacob release a moving reminding song in honour of their famous drummer dad
Signe Trylle og Jacob Teilmann Smedegaard udgiver bevægende smuk mindesang til ære for deres afdøde far Gert Smedegaard

2018: ACHE's two first albums "De Homine Urbano" & "Green Man" now both re-released on vinyl by Universal Music DK
2017: FINN OLAFSSON's first solo album "FINN OLAFSSON's SAVANNAH" from 1977 re-released
in superb high quality remastered CD version - with impressively fine digipack cover art work
2016: ACHE's classic symphonic rock hit ballad "Shadow of a Gipsy" is prominently featured in the formidable Danish movie
"Der kommer en dag" ("The Day Will Come") - seen by far more than 250.000 cinema guests in Denmark alone
2016: ACHE's 1976 album "Pictures from Cyclus 7" now re-released digitally by SONY Music, Denmark
2015: FINN OLAFSSON's electric guitar riff from the ACHE single "Expectation" sampled by No. 1 American rap artist Travi$ Scott
2012: ACHE's legendary "DE HOMINE URBANO" & "GREEN MAN" albums re-released internationally on 2 CDs by Esoteric Recordings, UK

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